Strictly Technical

Investors come to the stock market and buy and sell the stocks eyeing the future. The future valuations they arrive at by either calculating the fundamental factors  on  the basis of technical they take their positions. In the short term it is always the technical factors that is demand and supply of the stock which gives us the directions of the movement of the stock.

Here for the reference of this side, we finds that people who come here have a more short term view of the market. They predict the short term movement of the market, technical analyst gives better results hence, we follow all the standard technical analysis tools.
There are two advantages in the following technicals firstly, it tells us where the share/market  is moving up or down. Secondly, technicals are not bothered about the fundamentals or the news ( it overrides them).
In technicals we are only concerned with price charts and volumes. We believe that at any given point of time, a stock price reflects everything.

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