» Why don't you incorporate fundamental analysis also on your site as it also effects the price of a stock?

Ans. Along with the fundamental factors, at any given point of time , there are so many other factors which effect the price of a stock. It might be the newspaper report, the game of the operator, the FII buying/selling, fund buying, or the company coming with good or bad results. These things confuse a trader. And the technical analysis i.e. the graph reflects the effect of all these factors in the price of a stock. Thus the price of a stock at any given point of time reflects everything at that moment of time.

» How can you read the graphs so nicely and it has been seen that at times the technical analysts are totally wrong in their analysis or it has been seen that two technical analysts are different in their views?

Ans. Well each and every technical analyst has a different way of predicting the graph as per his or her experience. The way we go by is that we have developed a system where by we see the stocks from a particular angle (which is elaborated on the site), and on the basis of it we trade.

» Do you recommend to take deliveries also?

Ans. The short term trader need not buy deliveries but the weekly traders can take deliveries. But for both of them, the set of indicators and timing is different. A daily trader has to monitor his stocks on a daily basis whereas a weekly trader who takes deliveries has only to monitor his stocks every week only i.e. on Saturday or Sunday.

» What is the guarantee that a person will make profit on your advice?

Ans. We don't guarantee anything, but we help you to minimize your losses and try and help you in increasing your profits. We assume that initially every trader goes through three stages. First he has to give losses, second stage he breakseven i.e. no profit no loss and third stage he starts earning profits. (85 percent traders finish themselves at the first stage only). More details on this are on the site.

» What is Technical Analysis?

Ans. Technical Analysis is the study of market action, primarily through the use of charts, for the purpose of forecasting future trends. It is an art of identifying trend changes at an early stage and to maintain an investment posture until the weight of evidence indicates that trend has reversed. Technical Analysis is the science of recording, in geographical form, the actual history of trading in a certain stock or in the averages and then deducing from that pictured history the probable future trend.

» What are the Basic Assumptions underlying Technical Analysis?

Ans. The Assumptions are :-

Market Value is determined solely by interaction of demand and supply.

Demand and Supply are governed by numerous factors, both rational and irrational.

Ignoring minor fluctuations in the market, stock prices tend to move in trends which persists for an appreciable length of time.

Changes in trend are caused by shifts in demand and supply.

Shift in demand and supply, no matter they occur can be detected sooner or later in charts of market action.

Some chart patterns tend to repeat themselves.

» What are the main considerations in Technical Analysis?

Ans. The main considerations are as follows :-

Price: Changes in price reflect in investor attitudes and demand and supply of securities.

Time: The degree of movements in price is a function of time. The longer it takes for a reversal in trend for instance, the greater the price changes that would follow.

Volume: The intensity of price changes is reflected in the volume transactions that accompany the changes. An increase is not strong enough.

Breadth: Study of Breadth of market indicators, the extent to which the price changes have taken place in the market in accordance with a certain overall limit.

» What are the four fears that a trader fears most?

Ans. The four fears are:
Fear of being wrong.
Fear of losing money.
Fear of missing out.
Fear of leaving money on the table.
These fears account for most of our fears. An opportunity comes every now and then, but our either of the fears does not let us take full advantage of it, e g we enter the trade too soon - before the market generated a signal or too late - long after the market generated the signal or taken a larger loss because we moved the stop.

» What is the worst that can happen to a trader?

Ans. The worst that can happen is when a trader places too much importance on his present trade so much so as to make it a life and death issue (over exposure). Most traders place too much significance and meaning on each trade, making it difficult to cut losses or admit they are wrong.

» What is the best Trading style you recommend for traders?

Ans. Every trader has his own style of trading. Some traders take a buy and sell positions as per their subjective style, i.e. with a combination of a lot of factors like fundamental, tips , graphs, etc. But I suggest a mechanical trading for all traders who have been giving losses or are not making profits.

» What is this Mechanical Style of Trading?

Ans. Here you know what to do in any situation of your trading and you take the position without hesitation. Here you dont decide the entry and exit, but your You are mentally relaxed in this style of trading. Here the fear and greed are not there. Fear and Greed are the two biggest reasons of your giving losses. In the mechanical style, you define your system with the help of technical tools and go on taking the buy and sell signals accordingly. You have to take at least 10 signals within your system

» Can I expect 100% return on my investment in on year?

Ans. Yes you may get this return but only after exercising a lot of control over your your greed and fear. You will have you work on a proper system and trade on it and believe in yourself. To start with I would recommend you to play in just options only i.e. buy calls when the trend is up and buy puts when the trend is down. Also remember that to achieve a 100% return per year, chances are equally strong that you lose your entire capital if you make more than three mistakes say of not cutting your trades when they are going in a loss.

Also remember that to get a good return the market need not go up only. Even a falling market gives good return only a sideways market is troublesome. See track record "Results of Daily Trading" & "Results of Intraday Trading"

» Is it not possible for you to give a list of five stocks which i can buy and keep and sell them later at a good price?

Ans. We follow technicals and only go on holding a stock in delivery till the trend of cash stocks is up. But the moment trend of stock market when the trend is up we again buy the stock though it might come expensive next time but who knows if it had to fall further from where we sold.

» Can I make a 100% safe return of 24% in stock market, at present?

Ans. With stock market, the100% safety word can never be used. But when markets are in a bullish mood, one does get a return of 24% annually which is nearly 100% safe. You will have to buy in cash delivery say ACC and sell it in future. Every month you get a premium in future. But for this your brokerage cost has to be very low. There are a lot of NSE brokers who give very low brokerage for arbitrage opportunities. For delivery the y charge 0.10%-0.25% and for future selling buying they charge a brokerage of .01%-.03%. These status very with volumes.

» Why do I get tension sometimes while trading?

Tension occurs mainly when you are overtrading and have no rules and stop losses. Refer to Trading Rules

» Can this site really help me to make money?

Ans. Yes, Certainly help you. But only if we both understand each others needs I will help you to understand my system & you help me to understand your requirements. Then we both can walk together towards positive results by controlling our fear & I greed.

» Can you give me an entry & exit level?

Ans. Yes, we can give you entry & eject levels. To start with we will ask you to start trading in Nifty Futures as they are less volatile.

» What is the support I can expect from you?

Ans. You can get two types of support from us 1st is for Intraday Trading which is for very short term players sitting in front of terminals. For intraday trading we give support on future stocks & not a cash stocks.2nd is daily trading where we give you the levels on various stocks which you can follow as per the trend of the share. And also we generally follow the trend of the market.

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