Every trader loses initially.

We strongly believe that every investor who comes for trading initially gives losses as he/she is unable to have control over his greed and fear. At times with all the information and luck in his favour, he makes profit, and then because of his new over confidence, trades more which results in his profit gone and also sometimes a portion of his capital gone, This cycle of fear of the losses and greed to earn more makes him initially give losses

The trader begins to make no profit no loss

Out of the total investors who enter the first stage, 80% of them finish off at the first stage only and after an year or two find that the stock market is not their cup of tea. So in the 2nd stage only the 20% investors try to break even in their trading and quite a lot of them are able to have control over their fear and greed with a result that they stop giving losses. Now these traders are ready for the 3rd stage

The trader starts to make profits

This stage where a trader makes consistent profit i.e. he does not give loss cheque to the broker. In fact this is the stage which everyone wishes to have in the stock market. But we strongly believe that anybody who wishes to come to the 3 rd Stage has to pass through the above 2 stages.

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